About IPP

Thank you for affording us the opportunity to give you a brief description of Industrial Protection Products, Inc and our business philosophy.

In 1977, Dick Murphy founded Industrial Protection Products, Inc. an industrial safety distributor. IPP quickly became one of the most trusted and respected names in the safety business. IPP quickly expanded into the prescription safety eyewear business, pioneering the now famous “Vision Van” concept, involving mobile eyewear dispensation. The mobile service concept expanded within the business and, in 1989, IPP began its Mobile Safety Footwear business.

Industrial Protection Products quickly became a leading supplier of Personal Protective Equipment to the New England region. Our service level, product diversity, and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to our success as the leading occupational footwear distributor in New England. Our sales avenues include a fleet of eight mobile units, an extensive catalog for mail and phone orders, a fully stocked retail store in Wilmington, MA and of course, this website.